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Where flowers are our inspiration

01. Flower Arrangements

Flowers are a true gift of God and looking at flowers is one of life's pleasures. With hands on experience, we Baby Rose Boutique is a trusted floral partner across UAE. We can full-fill any of your dreams with wonderful designs and execute through our truly professional florists. Our motto is to keep our valued customers happy with various models and designs

02. Landscaping

Two types of landscaping, namely Soft and Hard. Soft being the heart of every landscaping project. It is the use of vegetative material such as palms, trees, flowers and shrubs to enhance and accentuate the beauty of the landscape. Being experts in the selection, installation and maintenance of flowers and plants that are carried out by our qualified horticulture engineers. With the use of a diverse range of exquisite flowers and plants imported from around the world, we can create and develop extraordinary landscapes. Hard Landscaping includes landscape features such as walkways, outdoor seating areas, gravel and pebbles works, which are constructed with materials such as stones, gravels, pebbles, wood, and concrete. We use a wide variety of these materials in the creation of numerous beautiful hardscape features. We guarantee quality construction through the aid of skilled labors and qualified professionals.

03. Indoor Plants

We partner with the best for indoor plants, outdoor plants and gardening services in Dubai and across the UAE. We provide indoor plants for offices, hotels, malls and all types of residential and commercial properties. We also ensure complete and regular indoor plant and outdoor plant maintenance including watering services, pruning and potting services.

04. Maintenance

We have been one of the most trusted in name in plant maintenance, routine garden maintenance, indoor and outdoor plant maintenance in Dubai and across the UAE. For years, we have been providing year-round watering services, plant irrigation services and trimming services to residential and commercial properties across the UAE.

05. Events

Extensive experience in floral arrangements catering to every type of occasion and event, be it big or small. We provide unique concepts and floral designing for weddings, inauguration ceremonies, large scale conferences and every major event.